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Frog Pond - Cool Animals, Cool Game

Even if they weren't "frequently" asked questions, here are some that have come up.

Q:  What kind of game is Frog Pond?
  An abstract spatial manipulation game.  On the surface, Frog Pond might seem like a simple kid's game; Leaping frogs from one Lily Pad to another, but the game really entails altering your environment (the Lily Pads in the Pond) to your advantage and Leaping your Frog for best positional advantage.  The concept of a Pond with Lily Pads and Frogs only serves to make it fun.

Q:  For which ages would you recommend Frog Pond?
  That's tricky.  The basic concepts of Frog Pond are simple, Sliding Lily Pads, Leaping Frogs and Sinking Lily Pads, can be picked up by an 8 year old.  We suggest it be an 8 year old with some aptitude for thinking games.  This is NOT Candy Land or Sorry.  The strategies (mostly thinking ahead turns and contemplating what your opponent will do) will deepen with age.  Read me comments on UberCon, Frog Ponds first game convention.

Q:  Frog Pond sounds cool.  How do I get a copy?
Thanks for your interest.  The handful of copies of Frog Pond in existence right now are hand produced by me.  It takes a long, painstaking time to produce a single version; cutting out each Lily Pad and packaging them individually.  While they aren't for sale right now, I will provide a copy for review or for a potential publisher.  Contact me.

Q:  Are you looking for a publisher?
Absolutely.  And a distributor.  If you are either, please contact us.

Q:  What happens if both Frogs are on the group of Lily Pads that is going to Sink?
A:  No self-respecting Frog would commit suicide...even if it means Sinking the other Frog along with him.  If this happens, the other group of Lily Pads sinks instead, no matter what the size.

Q:  I don't think I understand when Lily Pads Sink.  Can you explain it another way?
A:  Sure.  First of all I hope to add a Flash-enabled utility to this website which will graphically show Sliding and Sinking;  a step-by-step tutorial.  But until then... 
When one Lily Pad or group of Lily Pads is connected by ONLY 1 CORNER to another Lily Pad or group of Lily Pads.

Q:  Can I play a three or four player variant?
A:  Sure.  We haven't worked out all the details yet, but if you'd like to have some friends join in and can't wait for the next Tree Frog Expansion, try these variants.
Start with a larger Pond.  Maybe 5x5 or 6x6.  Think about playing with Teams.  You sit across from your partner and take turns. Each Player still has one Frog and only that Player may move his/her Frog, but you can Slide to assist your teammate.  Also, no Frog may Sink before that Player has a chance to take a turn.

In the Pond...No one can hear you Croak!


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