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Frog Pond - Cool Animals, Cool Game

Frog Pond's first game convention

On February 15th, 2003 we took Frog Pond to UberCon in Parsippany, NJ.  The Special Guests of Honor were Steve Jackson and Phil Foglio.

We demoed Frog Pond to a few groups of people.  The love of trying new games is a huge factor in attending conventions like these.  Each group had the same reaction...

1) Enthusiasm at trying a new game,
2) Doubt when I told them my 9 year old son designed the game,
3) Eyes rolled a little when I detailed the rules about Frogs Leaping and Lily Pads Sinking,
4) (at this point I explained that we could go through a few turns and if it wasn't their sort of game, I wouldn't have any hard feelings if they left and did something else),
5) Concentration  After about the third turn, each group started getting into the strategies and planning of the game.  The theme took a backseat to the strategy.

One group played with 3- and 4-player variants (coming soon, I hope) and another rotated players between themselves.  Sean was very happy with the response and I was, too.  Thanks to all who demoed the game for us.

On another note:  Special thanks to Steve and Sandy Hess, Board Game Coordinators for Gazebo of Games (  The attention and respect they gave to this young game designer left an impression that will stay with him forever.

In the Pond...No one can hear you Croak!


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