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How to Play
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How to Play
Lily Pads of Doom
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Frog Pond - Cool Animals, Cool Game

Basic Rules
A quick and easy game for two players. Advanced Rules may be added through many different expansion packets.  See Lily Pads of Doom included free in the Basic Game!

Lay the Lily Pads in a 4x4 square.
Decide who goes first by some random method.
First player places his Frog on a Lily Pad and opponent does the same. The Pond starts out 4x4 but may expand or contract to any size when Lily Pads are added or removed.

Actions: There are only two Actions you may take, and you may take them in either order; Leap and Slide. Leaping is optional, Sliding is mandatory. Sliding Lily Pads might cause some Lily Pads to Sink.
Leap: Your Frog moves from one Lily Pad to an adjacent Lily Pad. Only horizontal and vertical leaps are allowed. Diagonal Leaps are not allowed. Two Frogs may not occupy the same Lily Pad. Leaping is optional, your Frog is not required to Leap during his turn.
Slide: You MUST Slide a row of Lily Pads one (1) place. The entire row must Slide. You may move any row and the Lily Pads push adjacent Lily Pads. The Lily Pads only move if they are pushed, so having a gap between Lily Pads in a line means that some pads won’t move. (See Examples of Sliding.)

Sinking:  After your Actions some Lily Pads might Sink. Sinking occurs when a Lily Pad or Lily Pads are not adjacent to any other Lily Pad OR has only one corner touching another Lily Pad.  The smaller section of Lily Pads Sink. In the case of a tie, the Player who has Sunk the most Lily Pads decides which Lily Pads Sink. If a Frog is on a Lily Pad that Sinks then that Frog Sinks too, and loses this round.

How to Win:  You Win if your Frog is the last one left on a Lily Pad. Play three rounds.

Ties:  When Lily Pads Sink, the Player who has Sunk the most Lily Pads decides which Lily Pads Sink. If this number is equal, the Active Player decides.

Optional Rules
Optional Rules and Expansion only bend the specific rule(s) they mention. For example, you may not have two Frogs on one Lily Pad without some game effect allowing you to.

#0-1 Advanced Setup Option: Instead of starting with the Lily Pads in a 4x4 square, each Player takes turns adding a Lily Pad to the starting formation. A Lily Pad may not be placed which would cause it to Sink. Any legal placement is acceptable. Once all Lily Pads are placed the Players place their Frogs.

#0-2 Make the Pond larger:  No need to stop at 4x4 (16 Lily Pad). Add more Lily Pads to the 4x4 Pond.

In the Pond...No one can hear you Croak!


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