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On February 15th I took my sons Van and Sean to UberCon in Parsippany, NJ.  Steve Jackson was a Special Guest of Honor.  He (and Phil Foglio) were the two reasons I went to the convention.

I ran Magic tournaments while the boys played in Magic Booster Drafts, the Munchkin World Championship, and more.

At some point I approached Steve Jackson and mentioned that my son, Sean, had created a game and, as a "fellow game designer", it would mean a lot to Sean if Steve Jackson could say a couple words to him.

Steve was very busy with his scheduled itinerary, but at the end of a Q&A, he spent a couple minutes with Sean and asked him about the game and it's concept.  Sean gave Mr. Jackson a copy of Frog Pond which Mr. Jackson mentioned might be played at one of his "Game Nights".

After we left the room I asked Sean  what he thought about meeting Steve Jackson.  He didn't say much, only grinned and grinned.  This is about as much response as you'll get out of Sean when he's elated.

The reason I mention this is because Steve Jackson took the time to speak to a nine-year old as more than a kid.  He was very busy hustling from one event to another when I imposed on him.  But still made time for Sean.

Thank you,  Mr. Steve Jackson.

In the Frog Pond...No one can hear you Croak!


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